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Author Topic: Need advice about some tricky timing issues  (Read 2060 times)

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Need advice about some tricky timing issues
« on: October 31, 2013, 04:19:56 PM »
I am a 59-year-old nominee currently in the Medical/Legal screening process.  I am hoping to being my service in Summer/Fall 2014 but am concerned that the medical screening is going to take a while.

Here's my dilemma.  I am a college professor and my teaching obligations are Sept-Dec and mid-Jan to mid-May.  I am off during the summer.  I am willing to be unemployed for 4-6 weeks before leaving for service....so I could take a placement as late as mid-October if needed.  But...unless that were a sure thing I would need to start teaching again in the fall semester and then I wouldn't be available until early January.

So, there are two issues here.  One is that my availability is "lumpy".  The other is that I hear stories of placements that fall through and I can't afford to quit my job, have a placement fall through and then be unemployed.

One of the problems with the application process is that it is "nameless and faceless" -- there is no case manager with whom to discuss these issues.  Any thoughts on how to address this?


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Re: Need advice about some tricky timing issues
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2013, 07:31:05 AM »

You should have one person who is assigned to your medical case anyway.  So you could definitely ask him/her some of these questions.  When were you nominated?  Have you received any follow-up questionnaires from Peace Corps?  I had follow-up questionnaires about my asthma, medications I was taking and other aspects of my medical history.  It took me a few weeks to fill them out.  Once I turned them back in, I think it took a few more months for the invitation to come.  Luckily, they accepted my follow-ups with no further questions.  But they can always come back with more questions, especially if you have an extensive medical history.  Finding out who your medical contact is would help you a lot.

It is hard for me to give you advice about the timing without knowing how long you have been waiting in the medical process and if there have been any follow-ups.  But placements can fall through.  Is there any way you can take a sabbatical for 2 years?  Or would you be quitting to go into Peace Corps?  You are in a particular situation.  Have you spoken with your employer, asking them any of these questions?  Or is it a situation in which you don't want to alert them yet?

Unfortunately nothing is guaranteed in terms of timing.  You may also be able to talk with someone at the placement office.  Just keep calling and see who you can get to speak with!

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RPCV, Botswana 2011-2013

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Re: Need advice about some tricky timing issues
« Reply #2 on: November 01, 2013, 08:21:53 AM »
Lately I have been reading that people who are getting nominated right now are being given several choices by their recruiting officers that included country and estimated departure dates. Have you spoken with your recruiting officer about your situation as well? He or she probably won't be able to help you with your medical issues, but they may be able to give you a better idea of what possibilities are available for you as far as timing for you job goes.