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Author Topic: Medical Clearance  (Read 2574 times)

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Medical Clearance
« on: June 29, 2015, 04:50:33 AM »
Hello all :) (sorry if this is already posted) So, I'm waiting to hear back about my application with my fingers cross. I know that, if I'm lucky enough, soon I will need to start working on my medical clearance. My problem is that I'm about to lose my insurance (I'm moving to be closer to my family, and am transferring through my job, but the new location has no full time positions open which means no more insurance). Is there anything I can do now while I still have insurance (cavities filled, check ups, vaccinations, wisdom teeth, etc) that my future doctor/ dentist can mark off as done later.

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Re: Medical Clearance
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2015, 12:31:24 PM »
Absolutely, if you have any dental work that needs to be done (cavities, wisdom teeth), you should assume that the PC will want it completed and do it while you have insurance. That way, once you get your medical packet you can go to a PC dentist to give you a free check up and pay nothing for that part of your clearance. Cavities (even small ones) are completely necessary... your wisdom teeth depend on if you want them out and whether your dentist completing your pc work will agree to say it is a bigger risk to pull them than to leave them in.

If you have any serious medical issues within the past 5 years (including psych issues), then get your current doctor/psychiatrist to write a letter that they feel you are able to serve in the PC and what/how you treated it and, most importantly, that it is resolved. This can go in your packet so you (hopefully) will not need more complex tests and examinations.

Honestly, I would not worry about vaccinations, as you may need to get new ones before you leave anyways.

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Re: Medical Clearance
« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2015, 11:47:13 AM »
To add to this, I absolutely agree that you should get your dental work done now.  In fact, the dental forms literally say that you can not turn them in or have the dentist sign them until AFTER all work is complete.  So if you need cavities filled, root canals, or any other fun stuff, do it now!

As for the other stuff, you will need some pretty standard testing done if you are invited.  This includes TB tests, G6PD test, HIV test, and basically a full blood workup.  There is a time limit on most of this, which I believe is a year or so, so if you can get those things done now you won't have to do it again later assuming you are within the timeframe.  I don't have the forms in front of me, but I'm sure that somewhere they are posted on line that shows everything you need and how long they are good for.
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