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Author Topic: Should the initial application be tailored for the specific volunteer position?  (Read 982 times)

Offline Austin DiCola

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Another question concerning the resume/cover letter submission section (I'm really trying to do my best here):

I've put a lot of love into my resume and cover letter for the Peace Corps volunteer application. Both are tailored specifically for a volunteer opening in China.

I'm becoming worried that there might be a problem though. When looking ahead through the application it seems that I don't get to pick the specific position I'm applying to. I only get to indicate that I'm applying to be a Peace Corps volunteer.

Was I supposed to mold my resume/cover letter to fit any volunteer position? I really hope not, but I'm afraid my current China-tailored resume will be thrown out for being "irrelevant"

Any tips or advice? As always, I really appreciate it. Thanks!

Offline woollybearcaterpillar

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You will receive an email after submission of the initial application with a link to the assignment preference form :) I tailored my resume to fit any position within my chosen sector, but tailored my interview responses towards the country I was UC for, which incidentally happened to be my first choice. I don't know how other PCVs tailored their resumes, but I've read it's best to tailor your CV/resume if you really want a particular position.

Offline Austin DiCola

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Thanks Woolly  :)

I'll probably go ahead and submit my materials as is, tailored for my prospective position. I feel that my experience and education is pretty specific to China, and to a lesser extent other parts of Asia, but if I make my resume too general I will definitely appear like a much weaker candidate.

I just hope the people who open my file back at Peace Corps find this acceptable

Offline Jeff

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When I applied, I tailored my resume and cover letter to the sector I wanted, but not so much to the country.

It worked out, as I did manage to get the country I wanted!

I don't think it's a bad thing to tailor it, though; when I did mine I really wanted a certain region, but I reflected that in my choices on the assignment selection form.
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