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Author Topic: FPCV Enhancing Application  (Read 906 times)

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FPCV Enhancing Application
« on: September 24, 2016, 01:24:24 PM »
Hey guys, I'm a future Peace Corps applicant currently working on finishing my Bachelor of Social Work with roughly two years to go.
My question is about what I can do during my two years left to really work on polishing my application? (also, when is the best time to start applying? Do I need to wait until actual graduation, or can I apply the year before graduation?-as long as I'm confident I will be graduating, haha).

I have gotten some awesome volunteer experience working directly with foster children as well as with an organization that worked with women who were victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. I generally worked in an office setting, but I did have some hands-on experience in a social work setting as well. I'll be doing my practicum and internships while finishing up my degree as well, so there is more to come...(I'm pretty excited!). I also worked as an afterschool and preschool teacher for 4.5 years with children ages 4-12, so LOTS of hands-on experience there (I really miss that 'job'!).
My hope is to do my service in the field of Community and Youth Development, BUT I was also considering spending one of my summers out of school doing my TEFL so that I may possibly qualify to teach English with the Peace Corps as well...is getting my TEFL necessary? Is it seen as an enhancement to my application?

I'd love any advice from RPCV's and current PCV's! I'm so excited for my possible future with Peace Corps, I have been dreaming of serving since I was 18! I'll be 28 when I graduate- crazy to think my dream may finally become a reality 10 years later!

Thank you in advance to anyone who responds! It is greatly appreciated :)

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Re: FPCV Enhancing Application
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2016, 09:25:01 PM »
Personally, I would skip TEFL. As a youth and dev volunteer, no one in my group had TEFL certification. We all did some tutoring and teaching to different degrees, but it wasn't our focus.

Instead, I would recommend taking your summer to do an AmeriCorps program. VISTA is the best because it is most like the peace corps, but it is 11 months long, so if you would prefer something shorter, look into a national/state program. AmeriCorps looks great on a peace corps application because it shows dedication and many americorps programs run with the same grass roots skills you will use in peace corps.

Other than that- experience in grant management if you can get it. As Y&D I was surprised how much of my time was actually spent writing and managing grants (and teaching my counterpart how to do so).

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Re: FPCV Enhancing Application
« Reply #2 on: September 25, 2016, 09:13:00 AM »
Koji, thank you so much for taking time to respond!
I am glad to get an answer about TEFL. It can be a pretty expensive program, so if you don't believe it is necessary then it's good to hear that skipping out on it won't hurt me too much!

I have never actually looked into AmeriCorps before (agh, I feel awful!) so I'm going to do that. Although the 11 months thing may be an issue, it isn't totally off-putting. I wouldn't mind taking a little more time off in order to pursue my dream. I mean, I've been going at it for awhile now, haha. I'll certainly look into VISTA with AmeriCorps, thank you!

I'll also be looking into gaining some experience with grant management. I'm hoping I'll be able to build some connections with some of my professors who may have had past experience with it in past organizations they may have worked for or volunteered with.

Your advice was beyond helpful- thank you!